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Top 5 4WD Tracks in Australia

In Australia we're blessed with some of the best off road driving tracks in the world. We've got access to beaches, bushland, outback and everything in between, all within a few hours drive of one another. But what are the very best tracks that Australia has to offer? You've come to the right place ...
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All-New High Mileage All-Season 4WD Everyday Tyres

All-New High Mileage All-Season 4WD Everyday Tyres 4WDs and SUVs have been the largest growing sector in new vehicle sales. Although Australian’s love the upgrade, ex-sedan owners can be shocked by the cost of replacing their bigger tyres. Kuhmo’s new HT51 tyres are very durable, making them a grea...
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Kumho’s ECSTA PS71 for a High Performance Drive

Kumho’s ECSTA PS71 for a High Performance Drive Kumho’s Tyres have a reputation for reliability and longevity, and the ECSTA PS71 upholds that reputation thanks to its robust, intelligent design. Ideal for luxury performance vehicles, the PS71 offers a smooth drive like no other. Kumho’s ECSTA PS71...
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5 Reasons Why Kids Should Ride In The Back Seat.

Children will always want to grow up faster, and do as adults do. It’s a commonly held notion that kids today are growing up a lot faster than ever before. However, when it comes to driving with your kids in the car, it’s important that you don’t throw in the towel and let them sit up front just to ...
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Kumho Tyre Wins Red Dot Award For Product Design

Kumho Tyre Wins Red Dot Award For Product Design Kumho Tyre’s HP71 has won the prestigious 2017 Red Dot Award For Product Design. With this year's win, Kumho tyre has now been awarded by Red Dot Product Design Award for six consecutive years, reinforcing Kumho’s global leadership in tyre design. Or...
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MT Wheels Upgrades To Platinum

Renowned Wheel & Tyre Specialists, MT Wheels have joined forces with Kumho Tyre to be a part of the Kumho Platinum Program in Mount Gambier. Opening MT Wheels doors in 2011, Marjian Tos is already a well-known member of the community with over 30 years’ experience in the Tyre Industry. Good Sama...
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Silver’s Auto Centre Give Platinum Service

  With almost 40 years’ experience under their belts, brothers Rocky and Jimmy Rugari of Adelaide’s Silver’s Auto Centre, aspire to deliver outstanding service to their customers and have done so since 1978. Silver’s Auto Centre are thrilled to become part of the Kumho Platinum Program. One of ...
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National Tyre Health Survey found 38% of Tyres Need Replacing

Many studies have been undertaken to gain insight into the cause and influence tyre condition has on handling that can ultimately lead to vehicle crashes, and all too often does. According to a report by car insurer Youi( https://www.youi.com.au/youi-news/most-common-car-accidents-and-most-dangerou...
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Kumho Tyre Australia has announced an all-new structure for its motor sport operations in Australia with the appointment of a new motor sport manager along with a revised network of motor sport tyre distributors around the country. - Kumho has revised its motor sport portfolio re stating its ...
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Kumho Tyre Receives iF Design Award for 2017

Kumho Tyre CEO Lee Han-Seob has just announced that the company has received the iF Design Award for 2017 in the transport device discipline.   Credited as being the Oscars of the design world, the award is organized by the International Forum Design of Germany. The 64-year-old award, along wi...
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How Tyres are Recycled and What we’re doing to help!

Kumho Tyre: How Tyres are Recycled and What we’re doing to help! What does a good tyre give the driver? A long lasting ride that’s tough and not only durable but near impossible to crack under regular conditions. These same tyres that last so long on our vehicles need to be disposed of in a consci...
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Kumho Driving the Aussie Racing Cars with an all new tyre for 2017

Aussie Racing Cars (ARC) is proud to announce that Kumho Tyre has been selected as its exclusive competition tyre for 2017 season and beyond.   For the first time in nearly 20 years, the ARC will introduce a brand new tyre to the category and all indications are that the new tyre is set to get...
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MOLLY Taylor crowned first female to win the ARC

MOLLY Taylor has officially become the first female to win the Kumho Tyre Australian Rally Championship after a close final round at Rally Australia in Coffs harbour. In the closest finish in the championship’s history, Taylor came out on top of a three-way final round by two points over Simon Evans...
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Big Wheel Tyre &Auto Service Goes Platinum

Having been a long standing port of call for motorists in the Girraween area for the past 50 years means that Big Wheel Tyre and Auto Service have truly earned their following for their genuine, honest and ‘old fashioned’ service and quality work. When Phil Gilham took over the business in the 80’s ...
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Hendra’s Newest Tyre & Mechanical Hub Goes Platinum

Being passionate from an early age about everything cars, Steele Childs and best mate Brett Vandersee, naturally took to a career in motoring, doing their mechanic apprenticeships shoulder by shoulder in Emerald, Central Queensland. While Brett mainly stuck to mechanical servicing of cars and trucks...
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Kumho Tyre Selector Guide - Blog

How to Enter Tyre Details into Tyre Selector Kumho Tyre offers every customer a specialised Tyre Selector experience through our website!When you’re considering a new set of tyres or just want to know which tyres are built for yourvehicle then Kumho Tyre Selector is the easiest way and you can do it...
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KUMHO TYRE Australia will continue as the naming rights partner and official control tyre supplier of the Australian V8 Touring Car Series for a further three years. The expanded relationship, through to the end of the 2019 season, will see the longstanding partnership between Kumho Tyre Australia a...
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Kumho Turns Pink for Breast Cancer Nurses

Kumho Turns Pink for Breast Cancer Nurses Kumho Tyre dealers around the nation will don pink Friday 14th October 2016 for Pink Fitters day, to raise funds for one of the country's best known charities, The McGrath Foundation. This will be Kumho Tyre’s sixth year supporting the McGrath Foundation and...
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Parents beware: School leavers most at risk of road accidents

Teen drivers have the highest fatal crash risk of any age group. In 2016, Kumho Tyre launched a program in conjunction with the St George Illawarra Dragons called the School Safety Series. This was run in NSW at a school level to educate entry level drivers on the importance of vehicle safety and ma...
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From Track, To Road, And Back To Track Again

Kumho Tyre ECSTA V720 Switching between your weekday ‘Road Angel’, and your weekend ‘Track Demon’ has always meant a switch in tyres -  spending extra money buying separate sets of tyres, and wasting effort carrying and changing them before hitting the track. Kumho Tyre have designed a product ...
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18 July
In Australia we're blessed with some of the best off road driving tracks in the world. We've got access to beaches, bushland, outback and everything in between, all within a few hours drive of one another. But what are the very best tracks that Austr...