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Privacy Policy

At Kumho Tyre (Australia) Pty Ltd (Kumho), we are committed to protecting the privacy and confidentiality of any information we collect in the course of our business activity. We will only collect information in an open and transparent manner.

This policy defines what information is collected, how we store and use that information and how you may make enquiries or complaints about information collected.


The Kumho Privacy Policy will be available for public access on the Kumho internet site at www.kumho.com.au


This policy applies to all Kumho team members, contractors or third parties acting for or on behalf of Kumho. The unauthorised distribution of customer information is a serious breach of the Kumho Code of Conduct which is provided to team members on commencement of employment.


The Act: Means the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) as amended 

Personal information: means information about an individual whose identity is apparent, or can be reasonably ascertained, from the information or opinion.

Sensitive Information: Personal information relating to race, religious beliefs, health, sexual information, criminal record etc.


What personal information are we likely to collect, hold, store and disclose?

Kumho may request personal information such as your name, address and contact details such as a phone number or email address. We may also request information about your vehicle/s or collect responses to other questions we may ask.

If you are seeking employment or contractual work with Kumho, we may request information as relevant to the activity such as your resume, employment information, business information, or insurances etc.

Kumho does not generally request sensitive information. If you do provide sensitive information to us for any reason you agree to Kumho using that information for the purpose it was disclosed or as prescribed by the Act.

Personal information may also be requested when establishing an account or an interface which requires a password

How do we collect, hold, store and disclose personal information?

We generally collect information directly from you, or from others with your authorisation. This is collected in a number of ways including, but not limited to:

  •  Website templates
  •  Telephone
  •  Email
  • Mobile Applications (Apps),SMSs or Social Media etc. Third Parties (E.g. Referees)

Personal information collected is stored securely on company or provider servers, and we will not disclose that information once collected other than:

  • For the purpose for which it was collected
  • As per your consent
  • As required by the Act
  • To the following third parties:
    • Our related companies
    • Our providers or contractors working on a related function or activity
    • Our accountants, insurers solicitors or professional advisors
  • Our related companies
  • Our providers or contractors working on a related function or activity
  • Our accountants, insurers solicitors or professional advisors

In the course of any disclosure we will take reasonable steps to ensure that any third party is bound by confidentiality and privacy obligations
For what reasons do we collect, hold, store, use and disclose your personal information?

Generally speaking, we use the information collected to understand the preferences you have for our products. This helps us identify trends and opportunities to better meet your needs. Some other reasons we may solicit your personal information may be:

  •  To inform you about upcoming events and promotions
  •  To facilitate your entry into a competition or survey
  •  To facilitate the recording of warrantee information
  •  To provide information to you about our products or services
  •  To consider you for a role with our company as a contractor or employee

When we ask for your personal information we will take reasonable steps to inform you of the reason for the request. We will seek your consent if we propose to use your information for a purpose other than for which it was collected. Except where information is transferred as part of the sale of the business or a division, we will never sell your information to a third party. Any marketing of products and services to you from information collected will be performed in accordance with the law.

In an effort to ensure that our website is practical, user-friendly and effective for our customers, we track web-site visits to obtain information such as the pages, days, times and duration of visits. Whilst this information may identify an IP address, these analytics are used to identify cumulative information rather than individual information.

If I have a request for access or an enquiry, feedback, objection or complaint about information collected, held, stored, used or disclosed who should I contact in the first instance?

Our Privacy Policy is managed by the National Marketing Manager. You should direct any correspondence to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. You may access, update or correct information collected from you.

If you have a complaint it will be dealt with by the National Marketing Manager who will seek a timely resolution to the issues raised with us and will provide a formal response to the complainant within 30 days of receipt of the complaint. If you are not satisfied with the outcome, you may raise your concern with the ‘Office of the Australian Information Commissioner’ at www.oaic.gov.au/privacy.

Other than prescribed by law you may make enquiries anonymously or by use of a pseudonym.

Can I opt-out?

Yes. If you are receiving any correspondence from us in relation to products, offers, competitions or other marketing events, you may ‘opt-out’ at any time.

All relevant marketing correspondence will contain instructions on how to ‘opt-out’ easily and quickly.

Does any of my information leave Australia?

Kumho has operations in many countries. Kumho International Head Office typically provides data storage related services for offices around the world. We will take all reasonable steps to ensure that any information collected from you is not held, stored, used or disclosed in any way that is inconsistent with the principles of this policy.

Effective Date

17 June 2014

Policy Owner

National Marketing & Training Manager – Kumho Tyre (Australia) Pty Ltd

Effective Date

17 June 2014

 Policy Owner

National Marketing & Training Manager – Kumho Tyre (Australia) Pty Ltd