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Top 5 4WD Tracks in Australia

In Australia we're blessed with some of the best off road driving tracks in the world. We've got access to beaches, bushland, outback and everything in between, all within a few hours drive of one another. But what are the very best tracks that Australia has to offer? You've come to the right place to find out. Here's our top 5.

1. Cape York Track (Old Telegraph Track): All-terrain Tyres / Mixed Terrain / Mud terrain depending on time of year and expected conditions

The Telegraph Track has everything a 4WD fanatic could hope for; river crossings, rocky inclines, beach bashing, swimming holes and iconic Aussie vistas. It's hard yakka (perhaps the hardest yakka available in Australia), but take your time getting to know the top end - it's worth it. This track takes about 3 weeks to complete, but, of course, you can tackle smaller chunks depending on your starting point.

2. Canning Stock Route: All-terrain Tyres

Like the Old Telegraph track, the Canning Stock Route is not for the faint hearted. A two and a half week journey following old stock wells will see you encounter a handful of deserts, the Salt Lakes, traditional Aboriginal lands (which requires a permit), and very few human beings. Keeping an eye on the weather in the lead up to your adventure is vital, as there are parts of the track that are impossible to enter or exit when the rains arrive.

3. Gibb River Road All terrain / Mixed Terrain

Gibb River Road goes through one of Australia’s wildest areas; the Kimberley. Running from Derby on the West Coast of Aus, right across to Kununurra on WA’s eastern border, The Gibb is a 660km track that gives you a taste of all the Kimberley’s delights. You’ll experience river crossings, plunging waterfalls, mystical rock pools and plenty of Aussie wildlife. There are a handful of different routes and detours that you can choose along the way so be sure to research the road before setting out, because some parts of The Gibb are very challenging.

4. Victorian Alps: All-terrain Tyres / Mixed terrain and Mud terrain depending on time of year and expected conditions.

The Victorian High Country is as rugged as it is beautiful. A relatively new addition to the bucket lists of many off road lovers, the Alpine National Park is not for the novice 4WD'er. You'll take in mountainous peaks, the river beds where Australia's gold rush began, and have the opportunity to tackle some of our country’s best hiking trails. There's plenty of fun to be had in the best Alpine terrain Australia has to offer.

5. Oodnadatta Track: All Terrain / Mixed terrain Tyres

When people talk about outback off roading in Australia, they’re usually talking about the Oodnadatta Track. It’s not a particularly challenging drive, but offers more than enough scenery to satisfy the most experienced adventurer. The road is in excellent condition throughout the drive (unless there has been heavy rain), and it runs right by the southern edge of Lake Eyre. You’ll even get the chance to swim in artesian springs! If none of that excites you, then the history of the track is sure to. The Oodnadatta Track follows the old Ghan Railway from Adelaide to Alice Springs. Stop in at any small town pub or old railway building for a real dose of Aussie history.

Oodnadatta Track - All Terrain & Mixed terrain Tyres
In Australia, we’re spoiled with countless tracks to suit any skill level. Honourable mentions must go to Tasmania’s Montezuma Falls, Kingsford Smith Mail Run as well as South Australia’s Coorong National Park, which are just two that didn’t end up making the cut. But the list you see before you is, in our opinion, the best of the best in Australia. Think we missed any? Let us know in the comments below!

So pack the car, gather a few mates and leave the tarmac in your tail lights! If you can't find a 4WD track for you on this list, it might be time to find a new hobby!

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