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Tailored premium ECSTA LX Platinum suit luxurious vehicles

Tailored premium ECSTA LX Platinum suit luxurious vehicles


The ECSTA LX Platinum is a luxury prestige tyre that ensures high-end sedans maintain conditions at the best possible level.

It offers a stable driving performance and riding comfort of an “in-out” tyre, excel­lent driving performance and a quiet driving experience. And that’s not all.

The ECSTA LX Platinum has a stylish sidewall that adds a luxurious touch to a high-end sedan.

Superb driving and braking perfor­mance with the tyre’s 4-channel groove is another standard feature of Kumho tyres.

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19 April
Kumho Tyre has announced it has signed on children’s cancer charity Camp Quality as its major partner. Camp Quality gives kids facing cancer the chance to be kids again, with services and programs created specifically to help children from birth to ...