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Kumho Tyres Ads received bronze medal of German ‘AUTOSPOT Award’

Kumho Tyres Ads received bronze medal of German ‘AUTOSPOT Award’

Kumho Tyres received the bronze medal in automotive sector of German ‘2012 AUTOSPOT Award’ selected by Auto Bild, a famous car technical journal in Europe. Auto Bild, the specialized car media with the Europe’s top authorities, is working on the AUTOSPOT Award, an advertisement festival in car sector, for the fifth time this year. Among above awards, the automotive sector award is the one given to a brand of the most creative advertisement campaign in all the car-related fields extending from tyre components, car insurance to relevant institutions, and is determined by judges composed of car and ad specialists.

Kumho Tyre’s TV ad which received a bronze medal was a campaign of ‘Imagine you are a tyre’ which was broadc

ast in Germany last spring and it made a hit by putting tyre up as a hero, instead of showing a driver or a car as the main char­acter appearing in existing stereotyped advertisement. The ad, which is filmed from the viewpoint of a tyre, stimulates imagination of a viewer as if the viewer personally had become a tyre and it was produced to reveal remarkable product power and reliability of Kumho tyre which you can ride in any difficult conditions irrespective of place or climate.

 Kim Cheolhwan, General Manager of Marketing Team in Europe Headquarter briefly stated his feelings about having received the award saying that “Receipt of the award this time has a great meaning as an opportunity that a creative campaign by Kumho Tyre has been recognized in Germany which is the largest car market in Europe and the leader of automobile” and added that “It will conduct cre­ative advertisement marketing on the basis of the best quality and technology so as to strengthen brand power.”





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