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Kumho has again been honoured with a number of major international design awards for new innovative tyres it has developed for the global market.

Kumho has received no less than three Red Dot Design Awards for new tyres including the Ultra High Performance HP91, the Ecsta HS51, and the new Kumho Sealant Tyre.

This is the fourth consecutive year that Korean company's tyre designs have been rewarded with Red Dot awards following in the footsteps of many other accolades for its fuel-efficient, eco-friendly, ultra-safe and high performance tyre products.

Germany's Red Dot Award is recognised as one of the world's top three design prizes, the others being the International Forum (iF) Design Award and the Industrial Designers Society of America (IDEA) Award.

The awards confirm Kumho's position as a global leader its field and underline its investment in R&D as it continues its path as one of the world's fastest growing tyre companies.

According to Kumho Tyre Australia national marketing and training manager, David Basha, the awards are recognition the extensive research and development the company puts into every new tyre.

"Our engineers tackled some unique challenges; to create the first UHP SUV tyre and to develop a sports tyre, which also delivers on comfort," said David Basha.

"The results were the HP91 and Ecsta HS51. For both of them to claim a design award along with the innovative Sealant Tyre is a credit to the development and design resources Kumho invests in its products."


The HP91 is the flagship of Kumho's SUV tyre range and is designed specifically for the world's most powerful cross over and Sport Utility Vehicles on the market including such as Porsches, Range Rovers, BMWs Audis and Mercedes.

Kumho's Ecsta HS51 is the pinnacle of Kumho's luxury tyre line and was developed with both the driver and passenger in mind. The HS51, or 'harmony sports' tyre delivers a smooth and comfortable ride while not compromising on performance or handling capabilities.

The ECSTA HS51 is aimed at medium to large-sized cars that has achieved strong results magazine tests across the globe. It is especially notable for its wet road performance and scores highly in terms of reduced aquaplaning and wet weather performance.

The HP91 features an asymmetric tread pattern combined with four wide circumferential grooves. Its silica-enhanced compound results in exceptional wet weather handling and braking, and a rolling resistance comparable to that of most passenger car tyres.

The highly innovative Sealant (or Self-Healing) tyre was unveiled in January 2014 and has attracted keen attention in several markets around the world. It contains a gel that automatically repairs any areas penetrated by sharp objects. It is among the latest examples of Kumho's unique technological prowess and has unsurprisingly proved highly appealing to the safety-conscious consumers.

Kumho has won a host of design awards in recent years including iF Design Awards in 2010 and 2012 as well as consecutive Red Dot Design Awards in 2012 and 2013.

"Kumho is constantly evolving its product lines and developing new compounds and tread patterns," said David Basha.

"The multi-million dollar investment into research and development is why Kumho has been so successful at recent design awards around the world," he said.

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