80,000Km Guaranteed 4WD Tyres that Go the Distance


Introducing the Kumho Tyres Australia Mileage Guarantee for the Kumho Road Venture APT KL51 fitted to SUV, RV and 4×4 vehicles.

As a global manufacturer of high tech tyre products, Kumho is so confident in its product it will guarantee you a specified mileage result for the Kumho Tyres you have just purchased.


1.Once you have purchased your Kumho Tyres under this guarantee simply fill out the guarantee registration and place in the in-store box. The registration form provides your details, the tyre dealer’s details, invoice details as well as the mileage on your vehicle at time of fitment.

2.Keep your mileage service booklet (Kumho recommend you keep the service booklet and original invoice together with the vehicle’s log books). Every 10,000km take your tyres to your Kumho Tyres dealer for a service

3.Once you achieve the mileage we trust you will be happy to purchase another set of Kumho Tyres. In the event that you did not achieve the guaranteed mileage, return the Kumho Tyres to your Kumho dealer set out in the ‘place of purchase’ section of the

service schedule.

This guarantee is of a pro-rata basis. That is, if you achieve only 90% of the guaranteed mileage we will refund you 10% of the purchase price.In between services ensure your tyres are inflated to the correct pressure. Inspect your tyres regularly for damage.

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